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Goals and By Laws

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NHPRC_guide per WY SHRAB _2A_2-1-2017.pdf

The Wyoming State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB) promotes the identification, preservation and dissemination of Wyoming's historical records.

             Goal 1:
                 Develop a statewide cooperative approach for the preservation of Wyoming records of ongoing value.

            Goal 2:
                  Encourage and support ongoing training programs for state, tribal and local governments, local repositories, organizations and others involved in records care.

           Goal 3:
                 Facilitate access to and increase the use of Wyoming's records.

           Goal 4:
                 Ensure the preservation of historical electronic records and information.



Click to view the By Laws of the Wyoming SHRAB:  SHRAB ByLaws_Updated_10-17-2016.pdf


Click to view the 2018-2020 Wyoming SHRAB SNAP Grant Objectives:  2018-2020 SNAP Grant Performance Objectives_TermsAndConditions-1_4-12-2018.pdf


Click to view the 2019-2020 Wyoming SHRAB SNAP Grant Guidelines:   SHRAB Grant Guidelines_rev 3-2019_4-2019.pdf 


Click to view the 2021-2022 Wyoming SHRAB Re-Grant Application:     https://forms.gle/DBWyzo1GMgcpU5PR9



Click to view Copyright Information:   Copyright Information_3-2017.pdf









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