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Approved-SHRAB Minutes_Wyoming SHRAB_Dec 10, 2012

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Monday – December 10, 2012

3rdFloor Conference Room – Barrett Bldg., Cheyenne, WY

Approved Minutes

Note: These minutes are abridged.

1. Call to order

Mike Strom, SHRAB Coordinator called the meeting to order at 11:05 a.m.

2. Roll Call

Members in attendance:

Mike Strom-SHRAB Chair & State Historical Records Coordinator, Cheyenne, WY

Tony Adams – C.R.M., Cheyenne, WY

Venice Beske – Statewide Information, Wyoming State Library, Cheyenne, WY (via Conference phone)

Courtney Bohlender – City of Riverton, WY (via Conference phone)

Rick Ewig – American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY

Sarah Brown Mathews – Wyoming Public Media, Laramie, WY (via Conference phone)

Judit Olah – Cheyenne Regional Hospital, Cheyenne, WY

Scarlet Skorcz – Western Wyoming Community College, Rock Springs, WY (via Conference phone)

Carol Thompson – Supreme Court Clerk, Wyoming Supreme Court, Cheyenne, WY)

Members absent:

Representative Rosie Berger, Wyoming Legislature, Big Horn, WY

Julie Freese – Fremont County Clerk, Lander, WY

Lokey Lytjen –Jackson Hole, WY

Guests: No guests

Mike welcomed the SHRAB to the meeting and expressed his thanks to have so many in attendance today. Mike completed roll call as members called in via conference call. Mike introduced himself and everyone in attendance also introduced themselves with some brief personal information, including Sarah Brown Mathews, SHRAB’s newest member,

3. Approval of previous minutes:

Rick Ewig moved to accept the minutes of May 18, 2012 meeting. Venice Beske seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Tony moved to accept the minutes of September 20, 2012 meeting as amended. Rick Ewig seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

4. Greetings and program updates

A. Mike related Sara Needles would not be able to attend today. Mike then announced Tammi Pusheck from Colorado, has been hired as Records Management Unit Supervisor. Tammi’s first day will be December 17, 2012. Also Rick Contois from Seattle, WA has been hired as the Project Manager for the Electronic Records Repository initiative. The contract for “Imerge” to update all retention schedules to include electronic format has been approved and we are awaiting their sign off. Updating the retention schedules is among the first steps to complete for the Electronic Records Repository initiative. Mike also related that Sandy Dion, lead worker at Archives South has retired. Mike has re-written Sandy’s position which is now under review at A&I. In addition Mike related they are currently interviewing for the third Record’s Analyst position.

5. Re-Grant Committee Report

A. Venice Beske related all Re-Grants and Re-Grant projects are complete with reports in order and respective re-grant payments disbursed leaving $824.96 of the $20,000.00 funds.

B. Tony related the survey committee met and he would send everyone the file of what they came up with. Discussion followed as to if there would be time enough to try to complete a survey by the end of December. Additional discussion followed regarding asking UW Survey Center to accomplish this survey. Rick will check with the UW Survey Center so this survey could be accomplished during the early portion of the next SNAP Grant. General consensus is for the survey overall purpose to raise conscious awareness of the State Archives, WY SHRAB and resources that are available for education, training and outreach for the preservation of historical records.

6. Budget report

A. Pat Newbern gave a brief budget report with a projected balance of approximately

$8,000.00 unspent administrative monies through December of the $15,000.00

administrative portion of the SNAP Grant. As reported above, only $ 824.96 remains of the $20,000.00 Re-Grant portion. Venice moved to approve the budget report. Rick seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

7. Old Business

A. Training / Workshops:

Mike reported there were 15 attendees for the well done SAA Electronic Records Workshop held in Laramie at the American Heritage Center. Mike explained the SAA worked with us for a significantly reduced rate of $59.00 for Wyoming residents. Additional SHRAB sponsored training available since September included the MPLP (More Product Less Process) Workshop in partnership with the AHC at the Wyoming State Library.

B. 2013 SNAP Grant application to NHPRC:

Mike reported the 2013 SNAP Grant application request was for a total of $32,600.00.

However, NHPRC awarded WY SHRAB $22,100.00. This total includes $8,000.00 for Re-Grants and $14,100.00 for administration. Mike will reply to the NHPRC for acceptance of this SNAP Grant.

C. SHRAB WIKI: Venice and Pat have updated the WIKI and the Wyoming State Archives also has a link available for the SHRAB WIKI. Mike will pay the annual fee for the WIKI this month.

8. New Business

A. Other new business:

Venice related the Wyoming Library Association will be meeting in Cheyenne in September of 2013, and they have asked for SHRAB to assist and join in with their activities. Mike related WY SHRAB would like to have a presence as well as the State Archives. Venice related this would be an opportunity for SHRAB to be available to a broader audience helping to promote our mission. A short discussion followed regarding questions about how the SNAP Grant Re-Grant process is accomplished with a brief explanation of our Re-Grant Cycles. The next (new) 2013 SNAP Grant will begin July 1, 2013.

B. Date and location for next SHRAB meeting.

Mike related the next meeting will be the first part of February (February 7 & 8, 2013), adding this meeting normally is held in conjunction with the ‘Shared Dinner’ (Thursday evening) and the Governor’s Arts Awards (Friday evening). Tony asked if the SHRAB could again meet at the State Library, and Venice related she would reserve the room. Mike related there are funds available for SHRAB members to travel and attend the February meeting and he will email more information closer to the February date.

9. Adjournment

There being no further business, Tony motioned to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Venice. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting was adjourned at 11:55 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Newbern


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