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Approved-SHRAB Minutes Wyoming SHRAB Nov 21, 2013

Page history last edited by pat.newbern@wyo.gov 10 years, 2 months ago


Thursday – November 21, 2013

Barrett Building-3rd Floor Conference Room, Cheyenne, WY


Approved Minutes


Note:  These minutes are abridged.



1.  Call to order

Mike Strom, SHRAB Coordinator called the meeting to order at 11:04 a.m.

Mike completed roll call as members called in via conference call. 


2.  Roll Call

Members in attendance:

Mike Strom-SHRAB Chair & State Historical Records Coordinator, Cheyenne, WY

Tony Adams – C.R.M., Cheyenne, WY (via conference call)

Venice Beske – Statewide Information, Wyoming State Library, Cheyenne, WY

Courtney Bohlender – City of Riverton, WY (via conference call)

Sherry Daigle – Teton County Clerk, Jackson Hole, WY  (via conference call)

Rick Ewig – American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY

Sarah Brown Mathews – Wyoming Public Media, Laramie, WY (via conference call)

Judit Olah – Cheyenne Regional Hospital, Cheyenne, WY  (via conference call)

Scarlet Skorcz – Western Wyoming Community College, Rock Springs, WY (via conference call)

Carol Thompson – Supreme Court Clerk, Wyoming Supreme Court, Cheyenne (via conference call)

Robert Webster, Sheridan, WY (via conference call)



Members absent:

Lokey Lytjen – Teton County Library, Jackson Hole, WY

Carol Thompson – Supreme Court Clerk, Wyoming Supreme Court, Cheyenne


Guests:  Matt Tischer (Wyoming State Library), Mark Shelstad, Deputy State Archivist, Wyoming State Archives, SPCR


3.  Approval of previous minutes:

Tony Adams moved to accept the minutes as submitted for the July 15, 2013 meeting.  Venice Beske seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.


4.  Greetings and program updates

A.  Mike welcomed everyone to the SHRAB meeting and began with introductions and introduced guests Matt Tischer: Matt works with electronic records at the Wyoming State Library (PTFS – Content Management) and will be working with the Archives and the Electronic Records Repository; and Mark Shelstad: Mark was recently hired as the Deputy State Archivist, Wyoming State Archives.  Mark came back to Wyoming from Texas and has previously worked at the AHC.

Mike then gave a brief update with the State Archives and the progress of the Electronic Records Repository initiative.  Mike related progress with the repository includes HP Trim was chosen to be the vendor and pilots will begin early in December with State Parks and Cultural Resources and January with the office of the Secretary of State. 


5.  Budget Overview

     Mike shared the 2013-2014 budget overview for this Grant Cycle amount of $22,100.00.  This overview includes paid expenses of $4,103.25, which include: CoSA annual dues of  $2,500.00; Archives month poster of $734.35; Society of American Archivists - Co-sponsorship for Part II SAA workshop of $534.00; WLA workshop expenses of $300.00; And leader-phone costs of $34.90.  Expenses not paid include $8,000.00 for Approved Re-Grants; $1,000.00 for expenses for Tammi Pusheck to attend the ARMA Conference; Next year’s WIKI annual subscription fee; And travel expenses for SHRAB members.  Approximately $8,996.75 is available.  Venice Beske moved to accept the budget report. Sherry Daigle seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously. 



6.  Old Business

     A.  Mike reported John Waggener’s Photo session at the Wyoming Library Association Conference in September was well attended with 25-30 registered and 15 in attendance.  Mike related everyone was in agreement the session was a complete success.  In review, Venice suggested in the future a small registration fee might help with the discrepancy between registrants and attendees.     

    B.   Mike reported on the SAA Workshop held at the AHC, Laramie, Wy on Oct. 21st.   In order to attend this workshop, the attendees had to have attended part I which was held last spring.  Mike related this workshop was a part of the accreditation for the Electronic Records Repository/Archives and there were 12 attendees. Tony asked if there was something for state employees and Mike related the workshop was primarily geared to Archivists. 

     C.  Mike also reported on Archives month activities.  Our poster was well done and mailed this year with a different format allowing mailing costs to be significantly less. He went on to relate Phil Roberts spoke about the County Centennial in Wyoming.  Rick Ewig related AHC had limited Archives Month activity but there was a unique and fun on-line face off with Triceratops and King Kong (via AHC blog).  Mike related he would like to see the State Archives to coordinate with AHC for next year’s Archive Month activities.


7.  New Business


           Mike related he has added a ‘board book’ to the WIKI which includes the SHRAB In-kind form, which is important for the board’s time as well as re-grantee’s to complete with their final report.  Mike is also looking to include a form for board travel. 

    B.  WY SHRAB Brochure

           Mike shared what has been put together for the WY SHRAB brochure (brochure file was emailed to board). Discussion followed regarding the perceived brochure audience and over all feeling that the committee had done a great job putting the brochure together. Additional discussion included suggestion to include information about re-grants we offer.  Tony related it should be available to be passed out during conferences to help get the word out.  Sarah asked who we are trying to reach?  Would it include counties that are in the process of digitization?  It was agreed to have something finalized by the February 2014 meeting for the board to approve, and move it forward to SPCR for set up and printing.   

    C.  Other New business

           Rick related the 125th Wyoming Statehood Anniversary will be held in 2015, and this presents an excellent opportunity for a Wyoming History Conference.  Plans are already in the works for a conference to be held June of 2015 at the new Gateway Center in Laramie, Wyoming.  Rick explained there are already plans to include ‘cowboy poetry’, etc. and that they will be needing as many co-sponsors as possible.

           Mark Shelstad reported there has been a request for an Oral History workshop in Gillette at the Rock Pile Museum, in April of 2014.  Tony moved to approved $500.00 in support of the Rock Pile Museum for a workshop (and for Mike to support this workshop through the Wyoming State Archives).  Judit Olah seconded.  Following a short discussion the motion was approved unanimously.

           Brief discussion followed regarding the next NHPRC grant application.  Mike related he had submitted a request for $36,000.00, and that we wouldn’t know the final determination until toward the end of the year.

           Additional discussion followed regarding the survey the committee had worked on. Other options include Survey Monkey which may offer less expense.  Additional resource includes Sheri’s offering of a listing of County clerk (including WAM/ WLA/ WAMCAT, etc) as well as checking with Helen Louise for state and regional museum listings and Mark for Archives and similar resources.  Tony offered also to make use the available list-serves.  Mark offered to send a survey for Tony to share and help make comparisons.    



    D.  Date, site/location for next SHRAB meeting

           The next meeting is planned for Friday, February 28t, 2014. This meeting will be held in conjunction with the 2014 Governor’s Art Awards in Cheyenne, WY.  Mike asked everyone to plan for a morning meeting, and that he would be in communications and email the agenda to the Board in advance.


8.  Executive Session – No action required at this time


9.  Adjournment

There being no further business, Venice motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Seconded by Sarah. Motion passed unanimously.  Meeting was adjourned at 12:11 p.m.


      Respectfully submitted,


    Pat Newbern

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